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BILLIARDS - Player Stats

Billiard League

Player HCap Pld W D LPF A +/-Avg%
Alan Batchelder 758404812211281-60-7.550%
Chris Hiley 1008314713591332273.3837.5%
Chris Hudson 1358404814881575-87-10.8850%
Geoff Barrett 208305610831070131.6337.5%
John Thornby 9585031013431300435.3862.5%
Martin OReilly 13084139150814248410.550%
Richie Evans 808404813211275465.7550%
Sid Deeming 65850310130012039712.1362.5%
Tony Baylis 508305611561319-163-20.3837.5%

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HCap The current Handicap to be used in the Player's next game
PldNumber of games Played
WNumber of games Won
DNumber of games Drawn
LNumber of games Lost
P Points awarded for games Won and Drawn
FTotal number of points scored For; including handicap
ATotal number of points scored Against
+/-The difference between points For and Against
Avg The Average difference per game
%The percentage of games Won


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