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Semi Finals Schedule

Mon 26th March 2018 - -
Over 50s Cup - 7.30pm
Tony Baylis2-0Alex Buchanan
Referee: TBC
Paul Ray2-0Peter Hawley
Referee: TBC

Tue 17th April 2018 - Warwick Cons Club
Pairs Cup - 7.30pm
Phil Parkin & Terry Parkin2-3Ben Deller & Steve Lang
Referee: Bill Farthing
Terry Robinson & Steven Fletcher0-3Mark Buckley & Kelvin Handley
Referee: Daz Thorne

Mon 23rd April 2018 - Nelson Club
3 Man Cup - 7.30pm
Home Guard 1st4-2Harbury 1st
Kenilworth SS Club 1st3-4Warwick Cons 1st A

Tue 24th April 2018 - Nelson Club
6 Reds Cup - 7.30pm
Sam Matto-Willey3-4Ben Deller
Referee: Phil Parkin

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(Continuation of Semi Finals Schedule)

Kelvin Handley4-0Mark Buckley
Referee: TBC

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(Continuation of Semi Finals Schedule)

Thu 26th April 2018
Stan Ward Cup - 1st Leg - 7.45pm
Cubbington3-4Nelson Oak 3rd
Bishops Tachbrook4-3Warwick Cons 2nd

Thu 26th April 2018
Courier Cup - 1st Leg - 7.45pm
Nelson 4th4-3Kenilworth Abbey 3rd
Oakhouse 4th4-3Kenilworth Abbey 2nd

Sat 28th April 2018 - Nelson Club
EJ Riley Singles - 7.30pm
Phil Parkin4-1Sam Matto-Willey
Referee: Bruno Sterner
Mark Buckley0-4Zak Devis
Referee: TBC

Thu 10th May 2018
Stan Ward Cup - 2nd Leg - 7.45pm
Nelson Oak 3rd4-3Cubbington

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(Continuation of Semi Finals Schedule)

Warwick Cons 2nd4-3Bishops Tachbrook

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(Continuation of Semi Finals Schedule)

Thu 10th May 2018
Courier Cup - 2nd Leg - 7.45pm
Kenilworth Abbey 3rd3-4Nelson 4th
Kenilworth Abbey 2nd2-5Oakhouse 4th

Thu 31st May 2018 - Kenilworth Sports & Social Club
Fred Cowell Round 1 - 7.30pm

Thu 7th June 2018 - Kenilworth Sports & Social Club
Fred Cowell 2nd Round - Semi Final - 7.30pm


That completes the Semi Finals Schedule
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Rules for the Cup Games

Teams to be exchanged before match starts and not be altered without consent of opposing captain. The playing order is alternate choice of play, with home captain to pick first. For matches played at one-table clubs, the home captain to get first pick of player on both nights. The result of all matches shall be decided by number of frames won. Any team failing to attend and play a match will be fined £10 and expelled from the competition and if in the first round of the Stan Ward Cup will also be excluded from the Courier Cup.

Further Information

Any team which is short of players cannot apply the “play twice” rule and must write “NO PLAYER” on the card for each player short, starting from the bottom of the card. Only players which have played twice or more in the first half of the season are eligible to play.