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Reopening Business and Venues in England

According to the following extracts from the guidance, it is hoped that individual snooker and billiards can resume on the 17th May, and team snooker and billiards practice on 21st June.

Step 3 - no earlier than 17 May

  • snooker and pool halls
  • a group of 6 people or 2 households indoors.

    Step 4 - no earlier than 21 June
    ...lift the restrictions on social contact and large events that apply in Step 3.

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    2019/2020 Season Terminated

    Due to the continuing lockdown of Billiard and Snooker clubs, it has been decided by the LDBSA Committee that the 2019/2020 season is to be terminated. The season will be abandoned; where all competitions will be discontinued.

    A new season will start when appropriate.

    LDBSA Committee.

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    Coronavirus Postponements UPDATE


    In light of the latest government guidelines that we should avoid social gatherings, it has been decided by the LDBSA Committee that ALL snooker matches are to be postponed until further notice.

    This will be reviewed as soon as possible, with reference to the government guidelines at the time.

    Captains, please inform your teams about this ongoing situation.

    Take care, in the very difficult times ahead.

    LDBSA Committee

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    LDBSA Committee Meeting

    The next LDBSA committee meeting is to be held once Coronavirus permits, at Kenilworth Abbey Club, starting at 7:45.

    Registered members of the LDBSA are welcome to attend.

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    Thankyou Charity Letters

    The LDBSA has received thankyou letters from both nominated charities regarding our recent donations.
    The letters are available in the Downloads section.
    LDBSA Committee.

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    Your LDBSA Billiard League needs YOU

    Join your LDBSA Billiard League.

    Snooker players of Leamington District. Do not let the old enemy Apathy destroy your LDBSA Billiard League. Fight back enlist today.

    If you are ready to play your part, contact the LDBSA Billiards Secretary -

    God save the queen.

    Contact the Billiard Secretary

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    Air Ambulance and Myton Hospice Donations

    We have received a "thank you" letter from the Air Ambulance and another from the Myton Hospice - they can be viewed from the Download area.

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