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Fred Cowell Cup

From 2005 onwards the Cup became an end of season handicap competition, with one player from each league team being represented by their averages winner, and handicaps being awarded based on each players' team handicap in the league cup.

Year Winners Runners Up
2021No competition-
2020No competition-
2019Ben Deller (Warwick Cons. 1st)Paul Hudson (Oakhouse 1st)
2018Ben Deller (Warwick Cons 1st)Andy Compton (Oakhouse 4th)
2017Graham Hills (Kenilworth Abbey 1st)Ian Carter (Bishops Tachbrook)
2016Ian Carter (Bishops Tachbrook)Martin Hunt (Lillington Bowls)
2015Ben Deller (Warwick Cons 1st)Jason Humphries (Kenilworth S&S 1st)
2014Ian Carter (Warwick Cons 1st)Paul Petrie (Windsor Liberals)
2013Martin Hunt (Lillington Bowls)Andy Higginbottom (Frames 3rd)
2012Ian Carter (Warwick Cons 1st)Richard Moore (Harbury 1st)
2011Bill Hills (Kenilworth Cons)Martin Hunt (Lillington Bowls)
2010Phil Parkin (Nelson 1st)Wayne Roberts (Nelson 2nd)
2009Gary Bradley (Lillington 4th)Phil Parkin (Kenilworth S&S F/C)
2008Matt Willoughby (Wark Cons 2nd)Martin Hunt (Lillington Bowls)
2007Terry Robinson (Shades 2nd)Dave Walker (Nelson 4th)
2006Brett Foster (Lillington 3rd)Tim Sambhi (Nelson 4th)
2005Ian Wagstaff (WCC Staff 2nd)Sati Virdi (Shades 2nd)


The Fred Cowell Cup began in 2002 as an "Achievement Award", given to a player who deserved the most recognition for achievements during the season.

Year Winners Reason for award
2004 Martin Hunt (Lillington Bowls) Unbeaten league season
2003 James Gillard (Nelson) Best newcomer
2002 Terry Robinson (Shades) 119 break in cup competition

Past Winners

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