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History - Snooker 'C' Division

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Year Winners Runners Up
2012No competition-
1996Lillington 4thBishops Tachbrook 1st
1995Shades 3rdShades 4th
1988Flavels 2ndunknown

Highest Breaks (back to top)

Year Top Break
199643 - Malcolm Geary (Lillington Bowls)
199542 - Nick Evetts (British Legion)
198849 - Andy Devey (Lesters)


Past Winners

Premier Division A Division B Division C Division Stan Ward Cup Dave Row Cup Ray Carter Singles Pairs Cup 3 Man Challenge Eric Briggs Under 35s Pete Hiley Over 50s Tony Wells Over 65s Cliff Webb Trophy Fred Cowell Cup Billiards League Morris Trophy Maurice Batchelor Birmingham Mail Camkin Cup Kenilworth Trophy